Welcome to Aceyou's tennis page -  a place to pick up a tip or two and have more fun
    playing! Ace is here to help my fellow hacker's, from Beginners to A players. Why, you
    may ask? Because I'm just a nice guy - and I'm always looking for fresh meat on the
    tennis court!

    Here I'll share all the tips I've stolen shamelessly from others and those I've developed
    myself during my 50+ yrs of play! For example, I learned this from a 12 yr old junior who
    cleaned my clock in the first round of a tournament when I was 28:

    "When in doubt, call it out!"

    Or this gem from a scuzzy, personal tennis pro (I even used this myself once):

    "Racket back, bend your knees, that'll be twenty dollars please!"

    Anyway, if you want classic instruction, there are lots of other places you can go for that.
    But if you want to learn stuff that will help your game immediately and don't want to
    spend a fortune on tennis camps, videos, ball machines, and lessons from USPTA losers
    who never had a real job, you've come to the right place!

    So let's get started. I've got some great tips on tennis that will improve your game
    immediately. Just click on the Tennis Tips link and remember - this is absolutely FREE!!!

    Enjoy and let me know what you think!
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