About Aceyou
    About Aceyou

    Hi! I'm Ace and I'm here to help you with your game. Doesn't matter if you're a
    beginner without a clue or an A player who's in a rut, there's something here for
    you. And the great thing about it is, THIS IS ALL FREE!!!! That's right! Nada!
    Nothing! A pro at a club would charge you $50 - $100 per hour for this stuff.

    Now, before I say anything else, I'm not gonna lie to you, blow smoke up your
    ass, or over-exaggerate my accomplishments, well, maybe a little! Ha! Anyway, I
    didn't play for Stanford, didn't travel on the pro tour, I was never ranked as a
    junior. What I am though is a guy who fell in love with the game a long, long time
    ago, still play in my 60s, and am a lot like you.

    I don't play tennis full time - I play when I can. I rarely play tournaments
    anymore, but, when I did, I won some and I lost some. I beat some folks I had no
    business being on the same court with and I lost to people I should have been
    able to beat in my sleep. I'm sure you've all had the same experiences. Some of
    the tips in here helped me to win and improve my game - others I wish I had
    known about when I was competing more seriously.

    So, if your serve has deserted you, your forehand has fallen apart, or your
    backhand has seen better days, RELAX!!! Ace is here to cure what ails you.

    Click on my Tennis Tips link above to start playing better and having more fun -
    Ace guarantees it or your money back!